Sorry — no pictures, quotes, or other shenanigans on this page. Just cold, hard information.

Let's start with basics for those of you who might not know (looking at you, class of 2022):
A "comp" is simply a "prolonged application" to a campus organization at Harvard.  The term probably came from the word competition or competence, but either way, you'll probably participate in a lot of them during your time here to get involved extracurricularly. There's a Crimson article on it if you want to learn more. 

About the Comp itself:
We meet for 1 hour and change in Emerson on Fridays from 4:07-5:07 PM. This date/time *may* change upon popular request, and you will be informed if it does. There is no homework, though I will recommend several readings and thought exercises for those of you who wish to excel. We do make cuts, but if you participate, provide some insights, and genuinely show us that you want to be in this club, you should have no problem. The comp is divided into three 3-week tracks on Founding, Investing (Venture Capital), and Business Development. Now, a few aspects which make HV comp different — the material is cutting-edge, interesting, and contentious. I guarantee that you will find it difficult to be bored. It is not all tech. The meetings are necessarily socratic — I won't be "lecturing" so much as you will be hearing/debating with the expertise and opinions of your peers and future co-founders. We emphasize and encourage friendship amongst our comp class. That is all I can tell you for now; if you are interested in learning more refer to the above and come to our first meeting. If it's not for you, you'll know immediately. But from my experience, you likely won't regret showing up.