Why should I join HV?

It's hard to go through all the reasons why Harvard Ventures is such an incredibly transformative (*giggle*, this will only make sense to non pre-frosh) club, especially in a small text box. But we will say this – if you're interested in startups, founders, venture capital, or (and maybe most importantly) impacting the world, we're the only Harvard organization who fits the bill. Come to our first meeting. The vibe is palpable and the people will win you over.

Give us the chance and you won't look back.

What benefits do members have?

Harvard Venture members receieve:

  • 10-week entrepreneurship/VC bootcamp
  • Application eligibility to the Fellowship program
  • Member-only recruiting, networking, and social events (or dinners)
  • Private mailing list for potential summer and term-time engagements
  • Live viewings of Fireside Chats
  • Connections with mentors, speakers and founders in verticals you are passionate about — unique space immersion
  • Invitation to private Sunday ideation workshops
  • New York City startup treks and executive visits

None. Though we have our fair share of technical members and founders (as one may expect), we recognize that talent comes from many different disciplines, and more often than not, a synergy of various disciplines. If you take one look through our Board page, you'll be able to see that many of our most involved members come from very different backgrounds, and not all of them are interested in "tech". We have Biology, English, and History concentrators, and none of them are remotely disadvantged. However, if you are interested, we do provide programs to educate our more eager members in basic software engineering (think CS50-lite for industry programming).

I'm a non-technical student interested in entrepreneurship. How much computer science do I need to know?

I'm a Harvard founder —
how can HV help me?

Though we could point you to any number of our initiatives and competitions, including i3 or Ventureworks, we prefer to have personal conversations with driven founders, tailoring our resources to address specific needs. Email one of our board members or hello@harvardventures.org, and we'll set up a meeting ASAP.

No, like most campus entrepreneurship clubs at peer institutions, we do not take equity. As a nonprofit organization — 501(c)(3) – dedicated to promoting and nurturing entrepreneurship on campus, we're just students that like to see our passionate friends succeed!

Does Harvard College Ventures take equity?

We are a distinct organization from Harvard's iLab, which was founded far more recently and is run in connection to both undergraduate and graduate programs across Harvard. However, we have a strong relationship with the iLab, its administration/mentors, and the Venture Incubation Program. Many HV startups and members have gone on to incubate at the iLab full-time.

What is HV's relationship to the iLab?

While we are first and foremost an undergraduate Harvard College organization, we have worked in tandem with graduate programs and students several times. If you are serious about joining HV, please send one of our board members a personal email, and we can move forward from there.

I'm a graduate student at HBS, HKS, HMS etc. — can I still be involved?

Given that Harvard College Ventures is a non-profit which does not take equity or migrate into the boards of our student companies, Harvard does not own their intellectual property. However, it is important to note that this may not apply to individual members of HV who join private ventures or to companies who have participated in College-sponsored classes (e.g. 95R) or labs.

Does Harvard own the intellectual property of HV or HV-connected companies?

There's a few steps you should take:
- Go to our Contact page and email hello@harvardventures.org or one of our board members (indicating your interest)
- Check out our New Members Page for meeting and information session date/time updates
- If you are a sponsor, reach out via our Sponsors page
- Get hyped

I'm interested! What now?