Why should I join HV?

If you're interested in startups, founders, venture capital, or (and maybe most importantly) impacting the world, we're the only Harvard organization that fits the bill. This makes HV a great place for students of all experience levels.

What benefits do members have?

Harvard Venture members receive:

  • 10-week entrepreneurship/VC bootcamp

  • Application eligibility to the Fellowship program

  • Member-only recruiting, networking, and social events

  • Private mailing list for potential summer and term-time engagements

  • Unrivaled connections to mentors, speakers and founders

  • Club excursions and executive visits

What is the process for joining HV?

Starting at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, prospective members go through a 10-week entrepreneurship/VC boot camp. For more information on the comp process and for time and location details, check out our Comp Information page.


I want to join! What now?

There are a few steps you should take:
- Go to our Contact page and email hello@harvardventures.org or one of our board members (indicating your interest)
- Check out our New Members page for meeting and information session date/time updates 
- If you are a sponsor, reach out via our Sponsors page

I'm a Harvard founder — how can HV help me?

We prefer to have personal conversations with driven founders, tailoring our resources to address specific needs. Email one of our board members or hello@harvardventures.org, and we'll set up a meeting ASAP.

What is the Harvard Ventures Fellowship program?

-HV’s fellowship program provides a channel for our membership to get connected to fast growing startups seeking high-level technical and non-technical talent

-For students, check out the Fellowships page for more information

-Have a startup that is interested in hiring top Harvard talent? Check out our Sponsorships page and send an email to hello@harvardventures.org and we’ll get back to you right away

I missed the window for joining comp but still want to get involved. What can I do?

Send an email to one of our board members and we can chat about what you can do to get involved before the next comp cycle.

Does Harvard College Ventures take equity?

No, like most campus entrepreneurship clubs at peer institutions, we do not take equity. As a nonprofit organization — 501(c)(3) – dedicated to promoting and nurturing entrepreneurship on campus, we're just students that want to help our passionate peers succeed.


I'm a graduate student at HBS, HKS, HMS etc. — can I still be involved?

While we are first and foremost an undergraduate Harvard College organization, we have worked in tandem with graduate programs and students several times. If you are serious about joining HV, please send one of our board members a personal email, and we can move forward from there.

Does Harvard own the intellectual property of HV or HV-connected companies?

Given that Harvard College Ventures is a non-profit which does not take equity or migrate into the boards of our student companies, Harvard does not own their intellectual property. However, it is important to note that this may not apply to individual members of HV who join private ventures or to companies who have participated in College-sponsored classes (e.g. 95R) or labs.